We were very excited to be invited by the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade to launch this years Festival Programme to the Press and distinguished guests at Notting Hill. A great evening of promoting, exchanging, networking and relationship building.

The evening was opened by the Joint Secretary Kevin Conmy with a very warm welcome and he expressed his admiration and support for the Festival, before handing off to Rev Steve Stockman and Fr Martin Magill.

Steve explored what this Festival meant for our city and what it’s purpose is. The Festival grew out of two strangers coming together and not knowing each others parts of the city, not even knowing what was going on in each others churches. Out of the desire to work together, they started to think about whether ‘we could take what was happening inside our churches outside of our buildings? Could we explore more of our glorious city outside of our own corner?’

For Martin, the Festival is about bringing people together and making connections that would otherwise not be probable, even possible. What excites him most is to gather people together in room and to see contacts made and details exchanged. The Festival is about ‘building bridges, bringing people together and to enable friendships.’ 

But both agreed, that this Festival is about telling stories. We tell stories through song, through drama, through poetry, through conversation. We want ‘rehumanise’ each other through hearing our stories.

We invite you to be a part of that narritive. Join us for the 4 Corners Festival 2018, 1 – 11 February, all over this great city. For the full Festival Programme, please click here.

All pictures were taken by our official photographer Bernie Brown.