“Where there are people there are stories
Where there are stories there are songs
Where there are songs there are people searching
For where they belong”
– Tom Petty

Petty’s words are the inspiration behind 4 Corner’s Festival’s newest event, “Where there are Stories, there are Songs (and Poems)” with Anthony Toner, Dave Thompson, and El Gruer. Rev Steve Stockman gives a behind-the-scenes look into the heart of this this event in his blog post:

“The artist is a watcher, a listener, taking in people and places and the interactions. A songwriter will ponder all of that, and in a four minute song retell stories, give insights into stories, throw another angle.”

Don’t miss this evening of music, poetry and the stories behind the art: Saturday, Feb 1st @ 8pm, 174 Trust (156 Antrim Road).

Hope to see you there!