Jim Deeds, an organiser of the 4 Corners Festival, has written a poem, Corporis Nostri (Our Body), that explores the theme of the 2019 4 Corners Festival, ‘Scandalous Forgiveness.’ You can read it below.

Corporis Nostri (Our Body)

The scandal
Blocking the road
May well be
That forgiveness
Cannot be mandated
Or demanded
For if it were
We could give it up
Under duress 
Wipe the dust from our feet
And be done with it

The scandal
Causing us to stumble
May well be
That forgiveness
Can only be
Given freely
Whether asked for or not
And giving it freely
Can hold us imprisoned
To feelings of… what?
Who am I betraying
In abandoning my claim on
Holding the hot stone of hurt
For all time

The scandal
Tripping us up
May well be
That forgiveness
Between us
Can prosper us
Corporis Nostri
Has not healed
Nor been helped to
Led to
See it as
Anything but losing

The scandal
Right in front of us
May well be
That forgiveness
The road less travelled
Tough to set even
A foot upon
Is the way
To peace within
Redemption for 
Corporis Nostri