There will be a screening of Joyeux Noel, a 2005 French film about the World War I Christmas truce of December 1914, on Tuesday 9 December at 7 pm at the Strand Arts Centre, Holywood Road, Belfast. The truce is depicted through the eyes of French, Scottish and German soldiers. On that Christmas Eve, the Germans, French, and Scottish fraternized and got to know the men who lived on the opposite side of a brutal war.

It will be a fundraiser for the third annual 4 Corners Festival (30 January-8 February 2015), an event that seeks to inspire people from across the city to transform it for the peace and prosperity of all.

Tickets are only £10 and include a drinks reception before the movie.

You can purchase your tickets online here – do so early to avoid disappointment.

The film has been described as ‘a celebration of those who step into No Man’s Land during conflict and show a different way.’

In some ways, that is what the events at the 4 Corners Festival aim to do, by enticing people to travel out of their geographical comfort zones and attend events in all parts of the city.

The idea for the festival grew out of conversations between Fr Martin Magill, parish priest at Sacred Heart Parish in north Belfast, and Rev Steve Stockman of Fitzroy Presbyterian Church in south Belfast. Both had recently travelled to parts of Belfast with which they were unfamiliar, and had been astonished and transfixed by what they discovered there.

They hoped to prompt others to experience new areas of their city through a festival of events that would introduce people to new parts of their city, challenging and inspiring them to keep crossing boundaries in their everyday lives.