Let’s Be Generous

We are suggesting during the festival that you consider preforming acts of generosity. Here are some suggestions.

Thursday 28th January 
buy some individual flowers and give them to people you do not know

Friday 29th January
go back to a shop/restaurant where you have had poor service before and decided you won’t go back

Saturday 30th January 
Buy a suspended coffee or suspended soup in Common Grounds

Sunday 31st January
at church today, give some extra money to a collection or charity event

Monday 1st February 
Sponsor a meal or make a donation towards a meal for the refugee feast on Thursday 4th February

Tuesday 2nd February
Make a donation towards one of the Lord Mayor’s charities

Wednesday 3rd February 
Give to a development organisation working overseas you have not supported before

Thursday 4th February 
Buy something to eat for a person begging on the streets

Friday 5th February 
Support a small local shop

Saturday 6th February 
give at least one item of clothing or a book to a charity shop

Sunday 7th February 
Forgive someone who has hurt you

Looking for more inspiration? View this wallchart…