The Four Corners Festival will conclude with a number of events on Saturday 1st February 2014. Join us for a time of unified prayer for the city as a whole and for our communities in the four corners:

At 8.30am, people from all areas are encouraged to gather at the cobbled area in front of Belfast City Hall, for a time of united prayer. We will begin at 8:45 with two minutes of silent prayer, followed by collective prayer of the Lord Mayor’s “Prayer for Belfast” (copies of the prayer will be distributed). This concludes the prayer time at the City Hall; as people disperse, there is time to go for some refreshments to support and bless the local businesses before heading to one of the four locations. Each has been chosen as a focus of division in its corner of the city, and there we will pray for an end to division of our community. The four locations are:

North Belfast: The Lighthouse Project Building, beside the Duncairn Gardens ‘peace’ wall
West Belfast: Springfield Road Methodist Church, beside the ‘peace’ wall in Workman Way
East Belfast: The Skainos Centre, close to the Bryson Street ‘peace’ wall
South Belfast: The International Meeting Point, 133 Lisburn Road

Each prayer event will focus on the divisions that exist in our local communities between people of different religious persuasions and also (in South Belfast) divisions affecting international migrants and asylum seekers. At 10:30am at each location, we will pray for an end to these divisions and greater understanding and tolerance.